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Kick and Fennick is a 2d puzzle platformer game with a simple premise. You play as Kick, a young boy who wields a huge gun. Although this weapon can be used to destroy occasional enemies you encounter, its primary purpose is to propel Kick around the level. The gun has a massive recoil, so by firing it downwards you can send yourself flying in an arc through the air. The gameplay all revolves around this mechanic, as you use the gun to traverse the levels and collect gears.


Kick launching himself through the air over one of the many obstacles in the game


Visually this game is well designed and looks very good. The smooth animation and colourful background art in particular wouldn’t look out of place in a big budget AAA title, which is even more surprising given that this game was made by Jaywalkers Interactive, a two-person game development studio.

The level of polish this game has is amazing given the size of the team, everything about it suits the light-hearted tone.


Vibrant and colorful environments make Kick & Fennick and joy to look at.


Mechanically the gameplay is simple but fun, being able to fire your gun once while being in the air really opens up the levels up. While the controls can be slightly fiddly to get used to, after the first couple of levels you will get the hang of it. The game supports both using the touchpad and the analog sticks for controlling Kick, I tried out the touchpad controls but quickly reverted back to using the familiar analog sticks.

There are a number of different obstacles and mechanics spread throughout the game which keeps it from becoming tedious or repetitive. Bounce pads, gravity switching, portals and super charging your gun are just some of the examples of these mechanics which will make you think differently about how to solve the puzzles. For such a simple concept, the game does well to not let itself feel stale after 45 levels, this is definitely a testament to the level design and the decision to include a variety of different obstacles.


A large variety of obstacles stops the game from becoming repetitive.


I like the quick regeneration mechanic in a game like this, it allows you to try different approaches to each area quickly without punishing you by making you repeat sections (unless you die a lot).
The only problem I found in my playthrough was the occasional small camera issues. Zooming in and out at strange times, meaning you can’t see where you are supposed to be jumping. Although I only encountered these a few times in my 5-6 hour playthrough, and each time the camera reset itself after I launched myself into the air again.


Animation from the Kick and Fennick character models was really great for such a small team.





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Kick & Fennick is very solid platformer with simple and fun gameplay. For such a small team, Jaywalkers Interactive has really bought an amazing level of polish to this game. Definitely worth picking up if you are looking for a small puzzle game to play on your Vita, and 100% worth playing if you received it through PS Plus.