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Samurai Gunn has to be one of my all time favorite local multiplayer games to date. I can’t remember how exactly I discovered it, but I’m glad I did. This game continues with the trend of bringing back classic local co-op games you can play with your friends on the couch.

So what exactly is Samurai Gunn? It is a 2-4 player arena local multiplayer game created by Teknopants. Each player is armed with a sword and a gun with only 3 bullets. Any hit, whether it be from your opponents blade or a bullet is fatal. This makes for insanely fast paced death match games on looping environments where the fastest and most skilled fighter wins.

ItĀ is one of those games that is easy to pick up but hard to master. You will find yourself and 3 friends spawn on 4 corners of the map then rush in to meet each other, the round can be over in a quick few seconds providing hits are well placed and well timed. When you land a strike with your sword and kill your opponent you can immediately land another strike, a frantic feeling will continuously come over you when you dispatch of one player while being closed in on by another two.

Kills come down to timing, if a strike is missed you have a brief split second wait before you can strike again, leaving your open to attack. Timing also comes into play with the clashing sword mechanic. If you swing your sword at the exact same time as your opponents, they collide and result in both you and your opponent ricochet off each other and go flying back. This is both awesome to watch and satisfying in feeling as you know you timed your strike well. When you land a blow with your sword and get your kill, the screen letterboxes and focuses in on your kill in slow motion for a brief moment. This works well as it captures your brief moment of victory. This moment always had me yelling in success, only to lose that feeling a moment later as smirking friend beside me cut me down.


Samurai Gunn gameplay


Bullets are the other final feature of Samurai Gunn’s gameplay and mechanics. Bullets (as you can imagine) travel incredibly fast so you can hit opponents from across the map who are distracted and already engaged in combat. Bullets can also pierce multiple targets, making them devastating if a shot is lined up with multiple players. However bullets can also be countered with a well timed swing of the sword, sending them back in the same direction they came. For new and inexperienced players, it is often your downfall as firing directly ahead to kill a player will result in your own bullet killing you. Ricocheting bullets just add another deadly element to keep an eye on as the matches are so fast paced bullets will be countered and thrown all over the place resulting in accidental kills.

The mechanic of limiting your shots plays out well. It adds a further element of surprise and stress to each match. If you don’t count your own shots, or panic and spam the shoot button, you are quickly out of shots while standing there pulling the trigger of a clicking gun. Dust ejects from an empty gun letting your opponents know you are out of ammo, this is a nice touch and will get you caught out if you are not paying attention to the shots you have fired. Many a times I have been caught with no ammo just to be standing there clicking an empty gun, then either shot or stabbed during my confusion.


Samurai Gunn gameplay


Being an arena type combat game, Samurai Gunn has a lot to offer in the way of maps. Each match is unique and well designed to match the games play style. There are many different types of maps including looping maps, different environments, and interactive/moving maps. Levels range from thick bamboo forests that can be hacked through, to vertically-looping cliffs and caverns which bear walls that can be sharpened to deadly spikes.

Looping maps are a great deal of fun as you can essentially free fall through the level while engaged in midair combat. It’s also satisfying to shoot your gun to watch the bullet go off screen and pop up on the other side of the map to kill your opponent. Some of the environmental maps add various gameplay elements, such as water which will make your gun damp rendering it a harmless water pistol. Other maps that have bamboo which can be cut through to make a path to your opponent, the bamboo also grows back quickly allowing you to escape or accidentally trap yourself with an opponent.

Finally most maps have your basic hazards like pits and spikes, but the occasional map will have hidden traps that you can uncover with repeated use of your sword to have enemies fall prey to. This works in your favor most of the time as fights are so intense you are not always paying attention to your surroundings.


Final gameplay


The final gameplay element of Samurai Gunn is the Showdowns. Once a chaotic match is concluded, you get a results screen displaying everyone’s results for the round. Should there be a tie, you and the player you have tied with (which can be all players sometimes) will be sent to a Showdown stage. A Showdown stage sets the scene perfectly with beautifully silhouetted backgrounds to have one final fight to the death to. You have no bullets and must fight with just your sword. Each map set has a Showdown map to play on which is great. The winner gets the deciding point to in the match.


That moon though

Showdowns in Samurai Gunn


As is currently stands, Samurai Gunn is a great game however it is probably not quite worth the price of $15 USD. The game really only has the death match mode and a survival mode which isn’t much to play. There are also severalĀ bugs present in the past versions I have played, most notable how the Showdowns work. Sometimes you will have a tie with no Showdown, sometimes you will have less kills than the winner but have a Showdown, sometimes you don’t spawn on a Showdown map and have to quit, and sometimes every player turns up on the Showdown map at once. There have however been updates that I can see the developer has made as of this year, hopefully these minor bugs are fixed.

Although initially released in 2013 for PC, the game was also announced for PS4 and PS Vita. Two years later though and there is still no word of when it will be released or even if a port is being work on. Hopefully it is released sometime in the near future.

My final point for Samurai Gunn is that it is a game best played with 3 other friends. There is no content here for someone who wants to play alone. You need at least 2 players to begin having a good time, and a consistent 4 players to be getting the absolute most out of the game. That being said, if you have access to friends I can’t recommend this game enough.




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A fantastic couch multilayer game best played with 4 people. A lot of intense fun and yelling to be had here.