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Kick and Fennick – Review


Kick and Fennick is a 2d puzzle platformer game with a simple premise. You play as Kick, a young boy who wields a huge gun. Although this weapon can be used to destroy occasional enemies you encounter, its primary purpose is

CounterSpy – Review


One of the PlayStation Plus titles for March 2015 is CounterSpy, a side scrolling stealth/shooter game made by Dynamighty.┬áThe game is set during the Cold War, you play as a C.O.U.N.T.E.R operative who is trying a sabotage both sides’ plans

Spelunky – Review

Spelunky Slider

I thought I’d kick this site off with a review of the game I have probably put the most hours into over the past year: Spelunky. For a game with such simple mechanics, Spelunky is a game that succeeds in